School Profile
Ext Nepisiguit
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Students: 786
Level: Grades 9 to 12
Founding Year: 1971

915, rue Sainte-Anne
Bathurst, NB  E2A 6X1

Phone: 506-547-2785
Fax: 506-547-2916

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Sports: Hockey (boys & girls), volleyball, soccer, softball, basketball (boys), badminton, cross-country, Olympic wrestling, swimming, track & field, etc.

Clubs & Committees: Improvisation, dance, music ensembles, jazz, choir, etc. 
Elective Courses and full list of Clubs, Committees & Sports Teams :  thumb pdf 155498 1280CLICK HERE


École secondaire Népisiguit, the second largest French high school in New Brunswick, is named for the river that runs through the municipality of Bathurst and into the Baie des Chaleurs. With more than 60% of the region’s 40, 000 inhabitants able to speak both official languages, bilingualism is one of the region’s most important assets.

The Baie des Chaleurs is one of the most beautiful bays in Eastern Canada, with many walking trails, fresh and salt water for canoeing and kayaking, breathtaking views, beautiful sandy beaches and fresh seafood. Local infrastructure includes many sporting arenas and fields, as well as cultural and artistic venues.

The school’s sports teams go by the name of Les Rebelles (The Rebels), and as part of the interscholastic athletic association, they’ve won several championships over the years.

Students, interested in getting involved at school or in the community, have more than 30 committees and groups to choose from including improvisation, yearbook, music, dance, and much more.

They are also encouraged and guided into developing an entrepreneurial spirit through projects that integrate learning outcomes and fulfill a need at school or in the community.

The school’s mission is for everyone to work together to educate each and every student and guide them towards success, to maintain positive relationships, and to keep them engaged as they develop their French language and culture in a constantly changing society.

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