School Profile
thumb DFSNEStudents: 398
Level: Grades 9 to 12
Founding Year: 1971

201, rue Hôtel de Ville
Shippagan, NB  E8S 1L1

Phone: 506-336-3000
Fax: 506-336-3001

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Sports: Hockey, soccer, ping-pong, cross-country, badminton, golf, basketball, softball, volleyball, ultimate Frisbee, etc.

Clubs & Committees: Geocaching, improvisation, theatre, yearbook, technical, fashion show, environment, health & safety, social club, bingo, etc.
Elective Courses and full list of Clubs, Committees & Sports Teams :  thumb pdf 155498 1280CLICK HERE


Marie-Esther is located in Shippagan, a coastal town of about 2,600 people on the Acadian Peninsula. The francophone language and culture are at the heart of this area in northeastern New Brunswick. There is plenty of fresh air and wide open spaces. Municipal facilities include: a fitness centre with a swimming pool, a public library, a sports arena and skating rink. The main industries are fishing, peat operations and tourism development. Shippagan is known as “New Brunswick’s Commercial Fishing Capital”, and is also the home of one of the three campuses of l’Université de Moncton.

As a community school, Marie-Esther has developed many partnerships, and believes in the importance of building a sense of identity as well as being open to new ideas and cultures. The school has also adopted an inclusive educational approach, promoting and encouraging acceptance and participation.

Academic courses include a variety of trade courses, such as welding, mechanics, carpentry, design, as well as sewing, food preparation, music and the arts. Students are very active and participate in a variety of extra-curricular activities, including: geocaching, improvisation, environmental committees and bingo. Their sports teams go by the name of Les Vikings, and compete regionally and provincially.  

The school’s motto is “Success for all students”. 

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