School Profile
EXt ThomasALbert DSC05304v2
Students: 550
Level: Grades 7 to 12
Founding Year: 1970

215, rue Guimond
Grand-Sault, NB E3Y C7

Phone: 506-473-7372
Fax: 506-473-7369

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Sports: Soccer, badminton, tennis, golf, curling, hockey, etc.

Clubs & Committees: Theatre, choir, improvisation, radio, sculpting, yearbook, dances, etc.
Elective Courses and full list of Clubs, Committees & Sports Teams :  thumb pdf 155498 1280CLICK HERE


Polyvalente Thomas-Albert is located in Grand-Sault, a bilingual community of about 5, 500 inhabitants in northwestern New Brunswick, close to the US border and only 85 km from the province of Quebec. In fact, it is the only Canadian town with its name registered in both official languages (Grand Sault and Grand Falls). The spectacular waterfall on the Saint John River—over a 23-metre high gorge—is right in the middle of town Also known for potato farming and processing. Grand-Sault is a safe, family-oriented community and is recognized for its high quality of life and progressive outlook.

The Polyvalente Thomas-Albert is a medium sized school, which allows staff to offer a personalized approach. International students will find it easy to integrate and to create new friendships within the school community. There is much to do at Thomas-Albert.

Extracurricular activities include a senior choir and dances, as well as a theatre troupe and improvisation team that perform at the provincial level. All the sports teams go by the name, Les Élites, and also compete at the provincial level. At lunchtime, intramural sports keep students active throughout the year.

The school’s mission is to provide an environment where the students can develop their full potential, their autonomy, a sense of responsibility, the art of communication, their creativity, the love of learning as well as conscientiousness; and all this with the greatest respect for others, themselves and their environment.
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