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Photo: Dolorèse Breau ©Pays de la Sagouine
New Brunswick, Canada

Size: 72, 908 km2

Population: 754,000 (30 % francophone)

Airport locations: Moncton, Fredericton, Saint John, Bathurst


Located on Canada's Atlantic coast, New Brunswick is the country's only officially bilingual province. Most of the French- speaking people here are Acadian, and no matter where they live, whether in villages by the sea, in urban communities or in l'Acadie des terres et forêts (Acadia of Lands & Forests), they are proud of their heritage, language and culture.

Known for their hospitality, they possess a contagious joie de vivre. You are sure to enjoy their unique cuisine, their music and the richness of their culture, whether it's traditional or contemporary.

New Brunswick is famous for its magnificent scenery, its national and provincial parks, and especially for the world's highest tides (which can reach more than 16 meters) as they make their way twice a day into the Bay of Fundy.