RenéCote 2017175x210Welcome to our website. Since 2008, our not-for-profit organization has been working with private and public sector partners to promote, develop, and manage innovative and creative projects and programs for youth in New Brunswick.

We manage a fund to develop the entrepreneurial culture in education in the province's three francophone school districts and offer training and job placement to help at risk youth develop essential skills for employment and the acquisition of qualities that support learning.

We also administer and promote the New Brunswick French International Student Program. Since 2010, we have invited young people from around the world to attend a francophone school in our province, to live with a French-speaking family and to experience the unique culture of the Acadians.

We are grateful to all our partners, with whom we share a common vision. Together we seek to create new ways of ensuring our schools and communities live up to their full
potential. We are happy to say we are well on our way.

                                                                                                                       René CÔTÉ, President